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The Rainbow operators will face off against a totally new breed of mutated alien parasite. Infecting human hosts and their surroundings, this new enemy is more lethal and challenging than ever before. Last year’s Outbreak[…]

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Catch new Temtem on Omninesia’s floating islands, battle other tamers on the sandy beaches of Deniz or trade with your friends in Tucma’s ash-covered fields. Defeat the ever-annoying Clan Belsoto and end its plot to[…]

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Thrown into the unknown procedurally generated hunting grounds of Purgatory, your skills will be put to the test as you shoot and dodge your way through the grime and grit of the underworld. Find out[…]

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The Eco Lifestyle expansion back allows players to utilize energy-saving measures, too, like installing solar panels when building new homes for their Sims. You can also purchase sustainable furniture and upcycle trash. Sims will enjoy[…]

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Amnesia is returning with a new protagonist, a very different location and presumably plenty of opportunities to be chilled to your core. Frictional Games spent months teasing the reveal of Rebirth, which of course just[…]

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Crucible, a new free-to-play PC game from Amazon’s original game development arm, is launching later this month, the e-commerce giant announced on Tuesday. It’s Amazon Game Studios’ first big-budget original game, as the studio has[…]

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Vehicle Customization – We want you to feel like your vehicle is your own, so SnowRunner will feature various ways to customize truck’s look, such as its color. New Cargo Types – Are logs not[…]

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Call of the Sea is an otherworldly game inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft, but it’s not horror—Out of the Blue emphasizes that it’s an adventure game. It’s centered on Nora’s story, with voice[…]

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Hotshot Racing combines the best of old and new with its multiplayer, too: online races support up to eight gamers, while four-player local split-screen makes it perfect for those wanting to duke it out with[…]