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Scorn invites you in an ethereal monochromatic dimension with only dashes of crimson red where your worst nightmares come to life, Make dramatic choices and endure with your Daughters’ traumatic experiences which will make them[…]

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In The Ascent players will be able to loot enemies for upgraded gear and customize their bodies with cyberware. The game can be played solo or with up to four others in local or online[…]

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The Imperial Combat Revue takes the stage as Tokyo’s defense force against a demon threat in this extravagant adventure. Soldiers in wartime, but theater performers in peacetime, the Revue’s Flower Division is not living up[…]

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In the Racing mode for 1-4 players, there are no weapons. Players have to race through the maps as fast as possible to beat personal records. There are various movements to use, such as flipping[…]

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