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In Bloodborne Procedurally-generated to create a new, harrowing experience every time you enter, Chalice Dungeons offer a chance to experience Bloodborne’s sense of exploration, danger and reward in all new ways. Play alone or with[…]

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Star Wars: Squadrons, a new space combat game, playable via virtual reality (VR). Developed by Motive Studios, Star Wars: Squadrons promises thrilling first-person, 5v5 multiplayer space dogfights, monumental fleet battles, and an original story set[…]

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In AGOS the tool that players have available to them are small, twin-engined probes. Using Apollo-style thrusters to change their attitude in space, players are tasked with gathering resources to keep their crews fed and[…]

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In Halo 3: ODST the co-op mode allows up to four players online, two players locally with split screen, as well as local and online mixed. It’s identical to Halo 3’s system, so there’s no[…]

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Bugsnax puts you in the shoes of a reporter who learns of Snaktooth Island after receiving word from explorer Elizabert Megafig. Snaktooth is home to creatures called Bugsnax, which are bug-snack hybrids that move around[…]

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Godfall is set in a world with multiple, distinct realms: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. You play as a member of the Knight’s Order, who are attempting to keep the apocalypse at bay. Counterplay[…]

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Observer: System Redux is the definitive vision of the award-winning cyberpunk thriller, rebuilt and augmented for the next generation. Veteran Observers can dive deeper into this dystopian reality thanks to three brand-new side cases to[…]