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In Evil West Weapons are apparently upgradeable in-game, as is its protagonist through a perk system, so action game fans will find plenty of familiar elements on display here. The Steam page for Evil West[…]

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The hero is tasked with saving the three Fab Fairies of the Realm, who provide the team the way to the Dark Lord’s castle in Karkaton. Upon arrival, the Dark Lord attacks again, stealing the[…]

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100 players at a time face off in 50v50 tactical combat, with an emphasis on methodical bolt action rifle combat and the brutal scale of action soldiers faced on the front lines of the Great[…]

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As a screw, you will have many tasks such as accepting new prisoners, searching a prison cell. and prisoners in order to find contraband, confiscating convict objects, reviewing monitoring, maintaining order and security, pacifying problematic[…]

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Explore the infinitely expanding universe, and discover stations, asteroid fields, spaceship wrecks, social hubs and fellow travelers. Arrange an exploration mission with friends and find out what’s hidden in the depths of space and the[…]

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An indie fast-paced FPS in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Upgrade and fight alongside your loyal cyber-mastiff, Endless weapon and augment customisation, Upgrade, advance, and level up as you collect bounties. Navigate an ocean of crime[…]

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Any country in the world can be edited, Men’s and women’s leagues, Choice of official or personal database at the beginning of the game, Open league systems with editable promotion and demotion rules, Expandable names[…]

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Supports many Steering Wheels with or without pedals, Supports Tobii Eyetracking and TrackIR, Photo mode for creating your own high quality screenshots, Two integrated webradio channels: DoubleBass.FM and FlashBass. The Bus is the next generation[…]

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With access to over 60 unique items, players are given the tools to tackle any situation. The right combination of weapon optics, muzzle modifications, magazine types and foregrip variations gives an officer the edge in[…]