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Experience the next generation of space combat in HAUNTED SPACE. Sci-fi blends with horror elements in a story-rich adventure based on exploration, fast-paced dogfighting, trading and ship crafting, with customisable flight simulation and intense multi-stage[…]

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Gates of Fire: A unique mode in which two teams clash over possession of the flag. Gain points by flying through special gates around the arena while holding the flag! Players will choose from three[…]

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Sniper Elite fans will instantly recognize the core gameplay that they know and love from the series. You’ll be able to use sound masking, set traps, create distractions, and perform stealth and melee kills. You’ll[…]

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The city of Fallujah became a hotbed of insurgent activity during the 2003 Iraq War. A terrorist named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi drew fighters to that city from around the country and beyond. The violence he[…]

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On your journey from humble beginnings to a person of great power, you have unprecedented freedom of movement across the city, seamlessly integrated with brutal first person combat. The last great human settlement exists within[…]

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Everything is recreated based on research and field trips, from the uniforms to the huge arsenal of weapons. Blow your enemies away at range with mortars, artillery and air support, or finish the job at[…]

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ROME REMASTERED brings the classic Rome visuals up to date, with 4K optimization, ultra-widescreen and native UHD resolution support. This visual upgrade extends across a multitude of features, including re-modeled buildings and objects, and environment[…]

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A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporation’s (UAC) Mars Research Facility, leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. As one of only a few survivors, you must fight your way to[…]

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