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Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition coming in at an 80GB total install size, and its minimum specifications require a ray tracing-capable graphics card. 4A says it “offers additional Ray Tracing features including Advanced Ray Traced Reflections[…]

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Comes packed with all-new features and options, like gameplay rewind, speed and difficulty level adjustment, and the ability to save and load your game anywhere, any time. Capcom Arcade Stadium lets you play old favorites[…]

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Players will have countless opportunities to meet and socialize with their fellow adventurers in the world of Sanctuary. Whether it’s jumping into the arena of battle, embarking on a raid through the shadows of a[…]

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We left when the asteroid shattered the Moon and froze the Earth, bringing with it a virus that birthed unspeakable horrors. We left with our lives and little more, seeking refuge off-planet – a refuge[…]

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Die by the Blade does not use the concept of healthpoints and healthbar. Just as in real life, any hit delivered is painful. The game is built on a realistic battle system which emphasizes weapon[…]