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Soulframe is also described as a “sister” to Warframe, instead of a sequel, with procedurally generated levels and a heavy focus on cooperative play, but with a radically different setting and new story to tell.[…]

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Massive decision tree in which your decisions lead to different outcomes, affecting story, characters, game endings but also visuals of levels or even the gameplay flow. Every action, sub-quest or life taken can affect your[…]

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Stylish third-person shooting meets close-range martial arts, creating seamlessly flowing action as you crush your enemies in a gory ballet of bullets. Utilise your unlimited ammo Cerberus pistols and your transformable EVO-coffin to unleash devastating[…]

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Customise your trains using different engines and freight types, with hundreds of unique engine and cargo combinations. Optimise your train set-up and place tracks strategically to navigate challenging environmental terrain and create the most effective[…]