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The first sneak peek at Pikmin 4 revealed a tranquil park with a napping Bulborb, but no sign of the lovable Pikmin creatures. Players assume the role of a stranded or exploring astronaut who teams[…]

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With its engaging story, stunning visuals, and exciting gameplay, Neon Blood is a must-play for fans of cyberpunk and action games. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the genre, this game is sure[…]

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Shinobi Rising is the first PC game in the Katana-Ra Universe, where feudal Japanese inspiration is fused with futuristic cyberpunk. Shinobi Rising will be a 3D side-scroller built in Unreal Engine 5 and will feature[…]

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Another new feature is the addition of mini-bosses, powerful enemies that players must defeat to progress through the campaign. These enemies are tougher than regular guards and require careful planning and execution to take down.[…]

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The first-ever sequel from Supergiant Games builds on the best aspects of the original god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler in an all-new, action-packed, endlessly replayable experience rooted in the Underworld of Greek myth and its deep[…]

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UNDERTALE’s parallel story, DELTARUNE. Meet new and old characters in a tale that steps closer to its end, chapter by chapter. Dodge bullets in nonviolent RPG battles as you listen to funky, funky music. Try[…]

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The game’s setting is a meticulously crafted rendition of Los Angeles, complete with iconic landmarks, dilapidated streets, and diverse neighborhoods that have all been transformed by the zombie apocalypse. Players will be able to explore[…]

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In Counter-Strike 2 smoke particles work with the unified lighting system allowing for more realistic light and color. Valve has also promised that Counter-Strike 2 will receive regular updates, with new content and features added[…]