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In Zenless Zone Zero, players will discover New Eridu, the last shelter for urban civilization due to the calamity. Together with a group of distinctive partners, they will fight alongside each other and unravel the[…]

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A meteorite suddenly falls to Gensokyo.A crack appears in its golden, egg-like surface, and small droplets of light emanate from the inside, which then scatter in all directions. Eventually, they arrive in the hands of[…]

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Infinity Nikki, the latest installment from the Nikki franchise by Papergames, is a brand new open world adventure dress up game. Turn a fun, light-hearted journey” into a vast fantasy world, where players will be[…]

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Remedy has somehow made all of this gray concrete consistently fascinating. The Bureau is divided into a number of distinct business sectors, and though there’s certainly an overriding “corporate” theme, each area feels different enough[…]

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The base map is set on a dystopian tropical island in the future. It’s known that 150-Players will roam around this location as real-time events occur throughout the map. But what’s even better is that[…]

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It’s easy enough to grok the concept: People like Escape from Tarkov, so let’s see if its shooting works in a different, more condensed format. It’s not just a deathmatch game, though. Battlestate says that[…]